Amanda Sedgwick has worked as a musician, composer and leader of her own groups in Sweden, Holland and the US for fifteen years.
She has four records under her name that also feature her writing: ”Volt”, ”Reunion”, ”Delightness” and ”Shadow And Act”, which was released in September last year.

Down through the years Amanda has played with Rolf Ericson, Freddie Redd, Walter Booker, Johnny O’Neal, Leroy Williams, Deborah Brown, Jeremy Pelt, Philip Harper, Jimmy Wormworth, Sacha Perry, Dwayne Clemons and Bernt Rosengren.

She has taught at Morehouse College and at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm, and she gives master classes and workshops at various schools in Sweden.

Presently Amanda resides in Stockholm, making lengthy visits to New York City, where she can at times be heard at jazz club Smalls, with Freddie Redd, Sacha Perry, Leroy Williams and Dwayne Clemons. She leads her own quintet, also with Dwayne Clemons on trumpet, and can be heard with numerous Swedish small groups and big bands.

Since 2014 Amanda has worked with British singer Georgie Fame, touring with him extensively throughout Sweden with Claes Crona Trio.

In October this year, Amanda played with New York-based drummer Jimmy Wormworth in clubs in Sweden.
She is also the lead alto player in Bothnia Rhythm Orchestra.

"With authority, a dense, rich tenorlike sound and legato phrasing Sedgwick’s alto chisels the ballad `Theme For Ernie` into a gem of great beauty."

− Sven Bjerstedt, Kristianstadsbladet

"Amanda Sedgwick is releivingly non-academic as well as musically vivid. Both as composer and musician, she has true feeling for melody; with a light touch she writes simple tunes that stay with you."

− SvD 2009

"Sedgwick coaxes a rich deep sound out of her alto, never fearing to set herself free."

− The Daily Star, Beirut

"… who plays with gusto, soul and heat, with virtuosity and with a lot on her mind."

− Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan 2009

"There is dynamic telepathy between Galeta and Sedgwick, whose saxophone playing is sensationally good in its fusion of tenderness and commanding authority."

− Kristianstadsbladet

"Goodness what a big sound you have, Amanda! You have definitely understood how to play for an audience."

− Orkesterjournalen