Amanda Sedgwick Quintet

Dwayne Clemons, trumpet
Amanda Sedgwick, alto saxophone
Leo Lindberg, piano
Kenji Rabson, bass
Moussa Fadera, drums

Timeless, elegant and swinging music inspired by Bud Powell and Jackie McLean, a mixture of Amanda’s own compositions and some of the more unknown tunes from the jazz repertoire.

Amanda says that it’s music with a more raw, austere, and at the same time free expression than what she has offered before. It’s music that’s borne out of musical logic, not a premeditated attitude, with emotional expression following naturally.
There is ample space for her and her fellow musicians to excel.

And Amanda Sedgwick is steadily forging her way through the dense harmonic structure, she recalls jazz history and throws in a quote or two, and continues to dance her way through the flow of the music.

The sum is no less than intensely swinging music with rich harmony and beautiful color. It’s music that is both beautiful and evokes strong feeling.

Amanda Sedgwick Quintet released their album ”Shadow And Act” on Pb7 Records in September 2013.


During the last years, Amanda has also made some very appreciated appearances as a vocalist. Her heroines are Ernestine Anderson and Etta Jones, which she makes evident.



Amanda Sedgwick appears as a soloist with numerous and various groups from one-nighters to big bands and orchestras. Her most recent project was a tour in Sweden with New York-based drummer and distinguished veteran Jimmy Wormworth.

Amanda Sedgwick likes appearing in different stylistic constellations. For her, music fills many different needs. It’s something to sit at home and listen to as well as to go out and dance to. At home, listening, she prefers Charlie Parker and Bud Powell.


Amanda Sedgwick is a highly appreciated pedagogue, a teacher devoted to bringing out results in her students, whether it be through saxophone technique, ensemble playing, ear training or knowledge of harmony.

She has wide experience and through the years she has taught both privately, at summer camps and workshops.

Between 2004 and 2006 she taught saxophone at Morehouse College, and 2007-2010 she taught ear training and jazz ensemble at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. Every fall semester she teaches jazz ensemble at her alma mater.