• tours with Amanda Sedgwick Quintet
  • tours with Georgie Fame
  • plays with BRO and Jakobstad Sinfonietta in the premier of Jukka Linkola’s clarinet concerto, soloist Christoffer Sundqvist
  • teaches at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm
  • plays with Alto Madness, a new group with alto saxophonist Håkan Broström
  • plays with Bothnia Rhythm Orchestra
  • appears as soloist with Gotlandsmusiken


  • Appears as soloist in a program dedicated to Quincy Jones with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Tours with Amanda Sedgwick Quintet in Sweden
  • Records with Amanda Sedgwick Quintet, the record, ”Shadow And Act”, will be released in September
  • Will be appearing at Ystad Jazz Festival with the quintet



  • Resides in Stockholm
  • Tours with Freddie Redd in Sweden
  • Tours with South African pianist Andrew Lilley in Sweden
  • Plays with Amanda Sedgwick Quintet, Sacha Perry Octet, Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Ingrid Jensen, Bernt Rosengren, Kustbandet, Ann-Sofi Söderkvist Jazz Orchestra, Peter Asplund Dektette, Mathias Landaeus, Linköping Jazz Orchestra, New Places Orchestra
  • Teaches at various summer camps



  • Resides in New York
  • Plays with Sacha Perry, Johnny O’Neal, Dwayne Clemons
  • Tours Sweden with Freddie Redd
  • Tours Sweden with Jeremy Pelt
  • Teaches summer camp
  • Appears as soloist with Linköping Jazz Orchestra
  • Tours in Mexico with Stockholm Jazz Orchestra
  • Plays at jazz club Smalls in New York with Freddie Redd



  • Resides in New York
  • Plays with Sacha Perry, Johnny O’Neal, Dezron Douglas, Leroy Williams
  • Tours Sweden with Jeremy Pelt



  • New CD ”Delightness” (Touché Music)
  • Appears at Stockholm Jazz & Blues festival with her quartet



  • Appears at Stockholm Jazz & Blues Festival with the septet Delightness
  • Appears at Swedish Jazz Celebration with Delightness
  • Tours Sweden with South African pianist Hotep Galeta



  • Resides in Atlanta
  • Teaches at Morehouse College
  • Tours Sweden with Philip Harper



  • Appears at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Cape own, South Africa with her own quintet featuring Philip Harper
  • New CD ”Reunion” (Touché Music)



  • Appears at the Rotterdam Jazz festival with Jarmo Hoogendijk



  • Appears at the Leiden Jazz Festival with Philip Harper



  • Resides in Holland
  • Plays with Jarmo Hoogendijk and Juraj Stanik



  • Appears at the Louis Armstron Festival in Bremen, Germany with Walter Booker and Philip Harper



  • Appears at Umeå International Jazz Festival with Amanda Sedgwick Quartet
  • Appears at the festival Women in Emotion in Bremen, Germany with her quartet
  • Plays with Bernt Rosengren, Rolf Ericson, Nisse Sandström



  • Debut CD ”Volt” (Caprice Records)
  • Tours Sweden with the same band